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Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg: We need to save internet from Chinese influence
3 HRS AGO - Speaking at Georgetown University, Mark Zuckerberg's message was to not break up Facebook or we Expand
Revealed: How much cash you need for a 'comfortable' retirement
7 HRS AGO - New guidance shows what kind of lifestyles people can expect on different levels of income.
Gradient app is the newest facial recognition trend, but is it safe?
7 HRS AGO - An app that tells you what celebrity you look like is the latest viral face recognition trend. Expand
Paris zoo unveils mysterious slime which can heal itself and solve mazes
8 HRS AGO - The unicellular living being has no mouth, stomach or eyes but can digest food and behaves like an Expand
There is a massive problem with Samsung's finger print scanner. Anyo…
10 HRS AGO - Anyone's fingerprint can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S10, the company has confirmed. As with other Expand
Google Stadia gaming service gets a launch date and wireless controller details
13 HRS AGO - The tech giant's video game streaming platform is going head-to-head with the likes of Sony, Expand
Disgusting truth of what happens inside your ear if you use devices like AirPods
17 HRS AGO - An ear expert has revealed that wearing earphones can cause a buildup of dirt, sweat, oil, dead Expand
O2 launches 5G phone coverage in six UK cities
18 HRS AGO - Wants to be in 20 towns and cities by 2020
Zuckerberg defends Facebook as bastion of 'free expression' in speech
6 HRS AGO - CEO faces quick backlash over highlighted policies, including on hate speech and voter Expand
Police release e-fit of man found dead in London after falling from plane
7 HRS AGO - The man is believed to have fallen from the landing gear compartment as the aircraft approached Expand
Earth-like planets 'may be common' - raising hopes in search for alien life
7 HRS AGO - An analysis of rocks orbiting faraway stars found they are remarkably similar to those that formed Expand
Election 2020: who's winning the Silicon Valley money race?
8 HRS AGO - Sanders and Warren want to break up big tech. That has not dented their popularity with industry Expand
What's new about Boris Johnson's Brexit deal?
11 HRS AGO - The government has declared that the backstop has been ditched in a new deal which will be put to Expand
O2 finally launches 5G network in the UK - but it's only available in six locations
15 HRS AGO - O2's 5G network is launching in six locations today - Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough Expand
Fortnite fans can earn £45 per hour teaching kids how to master the popular game
16 HRS AGO - The world’s first eSports Tutoring service has launched, offering skilled Fortnite players up to Expand
Video shows Florida police officer shove teenager off roof after order by sergeant
18 HRS AGO - Shocking bodycam footage is released of the incident in Kissimmee, Florida, which happened as Expand
Three Mobile down: Network crashes for frustrated users across the UK
18 HRS AGO - Three Mobile has been down since 23:32 BST last night, with the outage continuing on into this Expand
LIVE: 'Our door will always be open' - EU leaders endorse Brexit deal
7 HRS AGO - Latest updates as Boris Johnson speaks to EU leaders in Brussels, after agreeing a new Brexit deal.
Prince William and Kate's turbulent flight has two aborted landings in Islamabad
7 HRS AGO - One passenger described the flight as a "rollercoaster" during a "pretty serious storm", while Expand
High-speed 3D printer can produce an object the size of a human in hours
7 HRS AGO - The new tech is 13 feet tall, has a 2.5 square-foot print-bed and churns out about half a yard in Expand
Virgin Galactic reveals Under Armour suits for space tourists
10 HRS AGO - Virgin Galactic and Under Armour have revealed the suits that future tourists will get to wear on Expand
Boris Johnson declares a Brexit agreement in place - 'We've got great new deal
13 HRS AGO - The DUP has said it still cannot support the agreement, over concerns with VAT and customs.
Five asteroids will skim past Earth tomorrow - including one the size of Big Ben
16 HRS AGO - The largest of the five asteroids has been dubbed 2019 TM7, and is estimated to measure between 42 Expand
Autonauts review – sim robots share the load of colonisation
17 HRS AGO - PC/Mac; Denki, Curve DigitalYou’ll know that Autonauts has taken over your thinking when you first Expand
Three network crash affects millions in UK
18 HRS AGO - Mobile phone provider with 10m customers apologises for ‘intermittent’ voice, text and data Expand