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There is no consensus in Switzerland. Peace summit without Russia insists on Ukrainian sovereignty
5 HRS AGO - On nuclear security, Signatories Final report It was established that the use of nuclear energy Expand
Pope to comedians: When you make someone laugh, God laughs too
1 DAY AGO - The Pope welcomed comedians from different parts of the world to the Vatican. “Although Expand
Taliban’s Supreme Leader Defends Application of Islamic Law in Country – News
2 DAYS AGO - With the advent of the Islamic Emirate, the so-called ‘real’ rule of the Taliban, Expand
Abortion rights pit Meloni’s Italy against remaining G7 partners – News
3 DAYS AGO - According to diplomatic sources contacted by Agence France-Presse (AFP), Italian Prime Minister Expand
Equality between men and women is still 134 years away – Executive Digest
4 DAYS AGO - Although significant progress has been made in terms of gender equality globally, it will take Expand
Russia and Belarus begin second phase of tactical nuclear weapons drills
5 DAYS AGO - The second phase announced this Tuesday involves Joint training of Russian and Belarusian units Expand
British PM admits mistake on D-Day celebrations, vows not to concede election – News
6 DAYS AGO - “I will not stop”, “I will not stop fighting for the future of our Expand
Drone makes first delivery to Mount Everest, world’s tallest mountain (with video) – Executive Digest
7 DAYS AGO - Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848.86 meters above sea level: Expand
The Israeli army has announced the release of four hostages in Gaza
08/06/2024 - “This Saturday morning, during a difficult special daylight operation in Nowsirat, four Expand
Denmark was sterilized and young women and Juliet Bavi shock | Greenland
13 HRS AGO - There are two stories to tell. The first of these concerns the way in which Denmark wanted to Expand
“Unacceptable”. Putin’s Peace Proposal – This Is How America Sees Current Affairs
1 DAY AGO - “Now [Putin] “The price of peace is to allow Russia to occupy even more Ukrainian Expand
“Although we hated Russia, we went to them, we had nothing to eat”: Mariupol, a war crime based on hunger
2 DAYS AGO - An international group of human rights lawyers has accused Russia of deliberately starving the Expand
Meet the women who face the mafia that dominates the region of Italy where the G7 meeting | the world
3 DAYS AGO - 3 Judge Maria Francesca Mariano on May 20, 2024 – Photo: Alessandra Tarantino/AP Judge Maria Expand
Man shot dead in US bus chase
4 DAYS AGO - A passenger has died after being shot on a hijacked bus by a man, leading to a police chase Expand
From the winner of the European elections in France to the future prime minister. Who is Jordan Bartella?
5 DAYS AGO - The successor to the Front National founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972 – the young leader Expand
Three young people from the new European Parliament – The Observer
6 DAYS AGO - The average age of the outgoing European Parliament is 54 years. To balance out the years of Expand
Switzerland seeks energy security and votes today on new electricity law. But what will the Swiss actually decide?
7 DAYS AGO - Swiss citizens go to the polls today to vote on the Electricity Act, legislation proposed by the Expand
“Selfishness”. A motorcyclist who took a selfie seconds before the collision was killed
08/06/2024 - UA woman who hit a motorcyclist while taking a selfie on her cellphone in 2021, causing his death, Expand
“They condemned me for my confession.” Interview with Juan Fernandez Krone, the priest who tried to kill the Pope at Fatima – Observer
21 HRS AGO - He left the country. Not because he was kicked out, he guarantees, but because of his strained Expand
Putin Says 700,000 Soldiers Engaged in Ukraine – Observer
1 DAY AGO - Follow our live blog on the war in Ukraine About 700,000 troops are currently deployed in Ukraine, Expand
Punches and a deputy leave the Italian parliament in a wheelchair Italy
2 DAYS AGO - The lower house of the Italian parliament this Wednesday says it is questioning their autonomy, Expand
Do not call back these phone numbers – the marketer
3 DAYS AGO - Unfortunately, there are countless scams related to mobile phones: sometimes it’s just spam, Expand
Israel Says Hamas Rejects US Proposal for Gaza Ceasefire | Israel
4 DAYS AGO - An Israeli government source told Reuters on Tuesday night that Hamas rejected US President Joe Expand
A bad decision leads Yolanda Díaz to give up Sumer’s leadership. PP gains momentum, PSOE tries to resist – Observer
5 DAYS AGO - For two years he was the face of the Left, an alternative to the Socialists. He formed the Expand
Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly after the far-right’s victory in European elections
6 DAYS AGO - After the victory of Jordan Bartella, the chairman National Federation (RN) For the European Expand
Pope Francis will meet more than 100 comedians from around the world. Three Portuguese – Community
7 DAYS AGO - Pope Francis will meet with more than 100 international comedians on Friday, the Holy See said, Expand