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Vaping may help 70,000 smokers in England quit each year, study finds
18 HRS AGO - Use of e-cigarettes may help between 50,000 and 70,000 smokers in England quit every year, new Expand
How to perform CPR if someone is unresponsive and not breathing
2 DAYS AGO - If you come across someone who is unresponsive and they don’t seem to be breathing, being able to Expand
I only get pleasure by squeezing my thighs together – will I ever enjoy sex?
2 DAYS AGO - I do not enjoy sex at all - and can only find masturbate this way. Can I learn to move on?I am a Expand
‘You burned my bagel!’: how to let go of a workplace grudge
3 DAYS AGO - Ever found yourself hating a colleague for the most trivial of reasons? Of course you have. But Expand
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Early blood test may help to tackle lung cancer
4 DAYS AGO - Lung cancer is particularly hard to tackle without early diagnosis but a quick blood test could be Expand
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Stress in pregnancy affects child’s brain
9 HRS AGO - New research shows women who become stressed during pregnancy are at greater risk of having Expand
Home review – gutsy doc charts harrowing, heroic journey by sea
1 DAY AGO - Like Cheryl Strayed in Wild, Sarah Outen bravely explores mental health issues and grief as she Expand
Air pollution can increase risk of miscarriage by 50 per cent, resea…
2 DAYS AGO - The detrimental impact of air pollution can increase a pregnant woman’s likelihood of experiencing Expand
Somnox sleep robot – like being in bed with a baby Darth Vader
2 DAYS AGO - The kidney-shaped cushion comes with a birth certificate and mirrors your breathing patterns to Expand
Alcohol industry may be putting pregnant women at risk, study claims
3 DAYS AGO - The alcohol industry may be putting pregnant women at risk by presenting inaccurate information Expand
Hottest ticket in town: the mega sauna hosting a Euro theatre contest
4 DAYS AGO - A drama competition for 200 naked people in a giant sauna? Our writer gets a sweaty taste of Expand
Billy Connolly opens up about living with Parkinson’s: 'I walk unste…
13 HRS AGO - Billy Connolly has spoken about the reality of living with Parkinson’s disease, revealing that he Expand
NHS must offer women mammograms and smears on lunch breaks, report f…
1 DAY AGO - Women should be offered mammograms and smear tests in their lunch breaks to help boost cancer Expand
Women who suffer heart attacks 'half as likely as men to receive tre…
2 DAYS AGO - Women who suffer from heart attacks are half as likely as men to receive the recommended medical Expand
Dr Miriam Stoppard: Mindfulness is such a great stressbuster
3 DAYS AGO - There’s mounting evidence on its effectiveness in combating anxiety and depression, and it has the Expand
‘I feel protected in the velodrome’: how track cycling helped ease my anxiety
3 DAYS AGO - Whizzing around on a bike with no brakes is strangely meditative – and has helped me to rediscover Expand