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Gallery: LG's Rolling Bot is a pet-tormenting marvel
2 HRS AGO - Want to subject your pet to a whole new level of tech-enabled torture? Consider the LG Rolling Bot
An ‘accessible’ lunch can leave a bad taste | Brief letters
3 DAYS AGO - Michelin star in Manchester | Flour power | Puddings | Female pre-Raphaelite artists | The F-word Expand
Domestic rabbits plagued by diseases and poor diets, study finds
4 DAYS AGO - Royal Veterinary College researchers point to misconceptions about how ‘minimal care and handling’ Expand
I adore dogs, so why does their unconditional love make me nervous? | Adrian Chiles
7 DAYS AGO - Those recovering from heart attacks and strokes apparently do better if they have a dog in the Expand
What can I do about three cat-murdering dogs in a neighbourhood yard?
07/10/2019 - Loving a pet makes us hope their bad behaviour is an aberration, so take an approach that doesn’t Expand
Are humans the only species to keep other species as pets?
01/10/2019 - The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from Expand
The Dog House: feelgood TV at its fluffiest
25/09/2019 - Like a canine First Dates, this masterful matchmaker show that pairs pups with new owners is the Expand
Cats bond with owners and are not as aloof as they seem, study shows
23/09/2019 - Dog owners – and some other scientists – are not so convinced by US study’s conclusionsCats may Expand
I gave a blueberry facial to a vegan dog': inside the pet pampering boom
14/09/2019 - From cat spas to dogs Fitbits, pets are more fussed over than ever. What’s behind the mini-me Expand
For the love of dog! Why canine co-parenting is an unexpected joy | Arwa Mahdawi
1 DAY AGO - When my previous relationship broke down, we didn’t expect to see each other again. But jointly Expand
From Renaissancecore to the pillow bra: this week’s fashion trends
6 DAYS AGO - What’s hot and what’s not in fashion this weekPets on planes On a flight to Milan, Kendall Jenner Expand
Riddled with exclusions': pet insurers slapped with a Shonky award
09/10/2019 - Consumer advocacy group Choice will not recommend a single Australian pet insurance product Rocky Expand
William Wegman: ‘Weimaraners are serious and try hard. They’re spooky and shadowy’
05/10/2019 - Since the 1970s, William Wegman has been photographing his dogs in costumes and poses that are Expand
Country diary provides words of sanctuary in turbulent times | Brief letters
26/09/2019 - Affectionate cats | Narendra Modi | Lundy life | Country diary | Bookshop signThe supposed Expand
‘He brought me a tissue when I was ill’: the moment readers realised their cat loves them
24/09/2019 - Research shows cats really do love their owners. We asked readers to share the time they first Expand
Shock tactics: can electric dog collars ever be ethical?
18/09/2019 - Last year, the government announced plans to ban remote-control collars, but now a dog-owning Expand
Are pets really good for us – or just hairy health hazards?
4 DAYS AGO - Many animal-lovers think a cat or dog can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life. But Expand
A nudge to pick up the fudge': US city flags dog poo left in public places
7 DAYS AGO - Campaign in Springfield, Missouri, urges residents to clean up after pets as city says it picks up Expand
Call to train British guide dogs – archive, 8 October 1934
08/10/2019 - 8 October 1934: Owing to quarantine difficulties dogs trained abroad can not be imported into Expand
Pets are a 'saving grace' for stressed-out workers
02/10/2019 - Millions of British workers believe the stress of their job has had a negative effect on their Expand
Man who invented labradoodle says it is his 'life's regret
26/09/2019 - Wally Conron feels he created a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ as now unethical breeders make hybrids Expand
Tell us about the moment you realised your cat loved you
24/09/2019 - If you have lived with a cat we’d like to hear your stories about when you discovered they Expand
May I have a word about… perking up your pet the hi-tech way | Jonathan Bouquet
15/09/2019 - Worried that your dog or cat is missing out on vital treats or grooming? There’s a (jargon-laden) Expand