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Genetic testing kits 'may wrongly reassure those at risk of cancer
3 HRS AGO - Consumer testing kits fail to pick up majority of DNA mutations, say researchersConsumer genetic Expand
Choanoflagellates could help explain a key step in animal evolution
7 HRS AGO - A newfound single-celled microbe species forms groups of multiple individual organisms that change Expand
Mystery as Scottish loch drains to lowest level in 750 years
15 HRS AGO - Water levels in a freshwater Scottish loch mysteriously reached a 750-year low earlier this year, Expand
The climate crisis issue that no one is talking about? Your gas boiler
20 HRS AGO - For the first time ever, the UK electricity mix featured more renewables than fossil fuels. But Expand
Award recognizes efforts to inspire girls to pursue science careers
1 DAY AGO - Nature Research and the Estée Lauder Companies honour two initiatives to encourage girls and young Expand
Fastest ants in world found in northern Sahara, researchers say
1 DAY AGO - Silver ants travel 108 times their body length per second and have stride rate 10 times that of Expand
Women break prize drought by winning five 2019 prime minister's science awards
1 DAY AGO - Mathematician Cheryl Praeger takes top gong and is praised for ‘outstanding contribution to Expand
Spacewatch: UK's first moon rover poised for 2021 touchdown
5 HRS AGO - Space exploration vehicle designed to be Britain’s first lunar payload to reach lunar surfaceThe Expand
Earth-like planets 'may be common' - raising hopes in search for alien life
7 HRS AGO - An analysis of rocks orbiting faraway stars found they are remarkably similar to those that formed Expand
Five asteroids will skim past Earth tomorrow - including one the size of Big Ben
16 HRS AGO - The largest of the five asteroids has been dubbed 2019 TM7, and is estimated to measure between 42 Expand
Scientists just discovered the world's fastest ant
20 HRS AGO - Scientists have discovered the world’s fastest ant which runs at speeds equivalent of 360mph in Expand
Earth scientists push ambitious project to map Canada’s geology
1 DAY AGO - A fleet of geophysical observatories would probe everything from the inner Earth to the upper Expand
Nasa plans historic first all-female spacewalk in coming days
1 DAY AGO - Christina Koch and Jessica Meir to make history after delay over suit sizes available at Expand
Sawfish numbers in global stronghold are dropping, prompting calls for fishing protection
1 DAY AGO - Monitoring trip returns from ‘stronghold’ for species without finding a single sawfishNumbers of Expand
Rotifers secrete a compound that may help combat schistosomiasis
7 HRS AGO - A newly identified molecule from rotifers paralyzes the larvae of worms that cause Expand
Virgin Galactic reveals Under Armour suits for space tourists
10 HRS AGO - Virgin Galactic and Under Armour have revealed the suits that future tourists will get to wear on Expand
Wearing glasses ruined my teens. But wearing them in middle age is worse | Adrian Chiles
18 HRS AGO - My teens were ruined by wearing terrible glasses. And now bad eyesight has crept up on me again My Expand
Unnatural Selection: the eye-opening Netflix docuseries on gene editing
20 HRS AGO - Film-makers Joe Egender and Leeor Kaufman talk about their revealing four-part series about major Expand
Footage shows world's fastest ants at top speed – video
1 DAY AGO - New video footage reveals the world’s fastest ants galloping across the scorching sand of the Expand
Big dinosaurs kept cool thanks to blood vessels in their heads
1 DAY AGO - Giant dinosaurs evolved several strategies for cooling their blood and avoiding heatstroke.
Organoids offer clues to how brains are made in humans and chimps | Science News
1 DAY AGO - Three-dimensional clumps of brain cells offer clues about how brains get made in humans and Expand