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Making Star Wars
The Dorky Diva
Ahsoka Premiere Date Revealed
07/06/2023 - Find out when you can see the upcoming live-action series on Disney+.
5 of the Best Star Wars dads and father figures in the galaxy
06/06/2023 - A good father figure can make or break a person. While father figures, in reality, come in all Expand
Dork Side of the Force
Shared by FanSided
10 Great LEGO Star Wars Building Sets for Adults
06/06/2023 - Jump into the LEGO Star Wars galaxy with’s guide for returning and new fans alike.
Dapper Day in Batuu
20/12/2022 - Last weekend was one of my favorite semi-annual days at Walt Disney World where vintage fashion Expand
The Clawdite Chronicles 12.20.21 - Making the Chest Armor, Painting the Shins and Blaster
20/12/2021 - Long time no update! As I'm writing this, my Zam Wesell costume is actually COMPLETE! I haven't Expand
Luca, Milka Bars, Our Favorite Places, and more!
18/07/2021 -  Hey friends! We're already back with a new episode of The Dorky Diva Show and we've got a Expand
The Clawdite Chronicles 4.17.21 - Making the Under Suit, Vest, and Skirt
17/04/2021 - I've been making so much progress on my Zam Wesell costume and I'm excited to share some updates Expand
My Zam Wesell Costume Build Begins
02/03/2021 - Today marks the beginning of a very exciting endeavor. I'm finally starting my Zam Wesell costume Expand
The Adventures of the Zolan Dart Roundtable
12/02/2021 - On this episode of The Dorky Diva Show, we're joined by co-writer Victor Espinosa and sound Expand
Meet the Visionaries: LeAndre Thomas and Justin Ridge on the Heartbreak and Hope of “The Pit”
07/06/2023 - How the Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 directors’ respective expertise informed an acclaimed new Expand
First look at Zack Snyder’s Star Wars-esque Rebel Moon
06/06/2023 - Years back, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder pitched Lucasfilm on a Expand
Dork Side of the Force
Shared by FanSided
Visions Revisited: 5 Highlights from “The Pit”
05/06/2023 - Lucasfilm and D’ART Shtajio join forces for a thought-provoking look inside the Empire’s cruelty.
The Clawdite Chronicles - The Final Costume!
29/09/2022 - This update is so overdue, but I wanted to share the final Zam Wesell costume. I finished it for a Expand
Celestial Sisters: Edition 4
25/08/2021 - A brand new edition of Celestial Sisters is here! This season we are highlighting four amazing Expand
We're Reinventing The Dorky Diva Show!
11/07/2021 - Hey listeners! It's been a while. We're back in a new way and excited to announce that The Dorky Expand
The Clawdite Chronicles 3.22.21 - Fabric Selection, Making the Under Suit
22/03/2021 - It's been a few weeks since I received my Zam Wesell boots and I've already made some good Expand
The Working Diva- Interview with Animation Producer, Caroline Kermel
28/02/2021 - On today's episode, Savanna is joined by animation producer Caroline Kermel. During their chat, Expand
The Working Diva- Programs, Apps, and Softwares for a Better Workflow
01/02/2021 - Today's episode is all about programs, apps, and softwares that make my work life more streamlined Expand
Is Rebel Moon Star Wars?
06/06/2023 - Zack Snyder's new movie Rebel Moon started life as a pitch for a Star Wars movie, but it is NOT Expand
Dork Side of the Force
Shared by FanSided
Mark Hamill says Star Wars doesn’t need Luke Skywalker anymore: “I had my time”
06/06/2023 - The Star Wars universe is growing faster than ever. The coming years will see numerous new TV Expand
Dork Side of the Force
Shared by FanSided
Ask AI: Who is the best fighter in the Star Wars universe?
05/06/2023 - Who is the best fighter in the Star Wars universe? The franchise has been around for decades at Expand
Dork Side of the Force
Shared by FanSided
The Clawdite Chronicles 12.28.21 - Making the Holster, Helmet, and Finishing Touches
28/12/2021 - We've (almost) made it to the end of The Clawdite Chronicles! I'll be doing one final update with Expand
The Clawdite Chronicles 8.17.21 - Making the Cummerbund, Armor Progress, and Blaster Sourcing
18/08/2021 - It's been a few months since I last sat down to compile all of my Zam Wesell cosplay updates, so I Expand
Celestial Sisters: Edition 3
25/05/2021 - A brand new edition of Celestial Sisters is here! This season we are highlighting two of the most Expand
Celestial Sisters: Edition 2
12/03/2021 - Celestial Sisters is back with a new collaboration with Creature Cartel and Whimsy Designs! I have Expand
The Working Diva- Interview with Sound Designer and Editor, Kristina Morss
14/02/2021 - Today's episode is an interview with sound designer and editor, Kristina Morss. Kristina has 10 Expand