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‘When they get in they will face a terrible reality’: can steady Starmer deliver what he promises?
1 DAY AGO - Labour’s manifesto launch was as risk-averse as its whole campaign, but what will happen under the Expand
Number of private school pupils rises despite claims families priced out by Labour’s VAT plan
1 DAY AGO - Independent schools in England had warned plan to charge VAT on fees was putting parents off and Expand
Mental health is main cause of rising absences in England, say headteachers
2 DAYS AGO - Nearly nine out of 10 report marked rise in pupils missing school due to mental health issues Expand
We need more funding to help more children
2 DAYS AGO - Helen Roy, who runs an afterschool club, says they regularly have to turn children away.
More than half of UK students working long hours in paid jobs
3 DAYS AGO - Lack of maintenance support is creating two-tier higher education system, say expertsI once missed Expand
Move over Lord Sugar - meet Joseph and the suncatchers
4 DAYS AGO - Spectrum, set up by pupils from Park Special School in Belfast, won a team of the year award.
Young voters on key issues and 'snubs
4 DAYS AGO - Some students at BHASVIC say politicians do not take them seriously as they share key issues.
Bluey cartoon disrupts election count plans
6 DAYS AGO - Bluey's live theatre show gives a headache for those trying to organise an election count.
Labour must halt ‘disastrous’ teacher exodus if it wants to improve schools, heads warn
08/06/2024 - Unions and headteachers say party must make retention of staff as high a priority as Expand
D&T could be gone from national curriculum in four years, business leaders warn
1 DAY AGO - Design and Technology is dying out, as report finds that 20% of schools in England and Wales don’t Expand
What each party promises voters in its UK general election manifesto
1 DAY AGO - A look at how Labour, the Conservatives, Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru compare on key issuesUK Expand
You’re richer than the king but only ‘pass’ at being posh? That’s the British class system for you | Marina Hyde
2 DAYS AGO - Like the characters in Ripley and Saltburn, the perfectly well-to-do PM longs to be even Expand
It's been incredibly traumatic' - baby-loss parents
2 DAYS AGO - A couple are seeking damages for the physical and mental impact following the death of their baby,
‘I once missed four weeks of one module’: the UK students working long hours
3 DAYS AGO - Four students at English universities describe how their need for paid work has affected their Expand
Head blames Tories and Labour for school closure
4 DAYS AGO - Elizabeth Laffeaty-Sharpe says the prep school she founded is being "squeezed from all sides".
Flights offer for crisis-hit Nigerian students
5 DAYS AGO - Some students at Teesside University are being seriously affected by the Nigerian currency crisis.
Labour pledges 100,000 new childcare places
6 DAYS AGO - The funding will come from Labour's plan to levy VAT on private schools, the party says.
Israel has destroyed or damaged 80% of schools in Gaza. This is scholasticide | Chandni Desai
08/06/2024 - The attack on Palestinian education, educators and cultural knowledge isn’t new, but it has Expand
Labour candidate’s PR firm lobbied against plan for VAT for private schools
1 DAY AGO - Kevin Craig’s company works with Independent Schools Council, a leading campaigner against policy Expand
UK election manifestos: views of those in education, health and social care
2 DAYS AGO - From Labour’s free school breakfast clubs to the Lib Dems’ focus on social care, what do those who Expand
‘Absolute outrage’: arts in state schools must be a priority for next government, say theatre leaders
2 DAYS AGO - Sir Nicholas Hytner, Nancy Medina and Theresa Heskins stress importance of sidelined drama, dance Expand
Inspirational' school in world's best shortlist
3 DAYS AGO - Manchester's Grange School is in the running for
Childcare provision makes us really angry - parents
4 DAYS AGO - East and north London boroughs have the lowest rate of childcare places in the capital, data shows.
What happened when 10 teens gave up their smartphones?
4 DAYS AGO - Will, Ruby and Grace are among those swapping their devices for basic phones, for five days.
Media studies are popular, dynamic and have ‘profound impact’, report says
5 DAYS AGO - Degrees often derided as ‘low-value’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ subjects are praised as vital to UK’s Expand
Parents asked to put away phones at school gate
6 DAYS AGO - The headteacher says he is trying to "resurrect the joy of conversation back into the community".